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Flights Postponed

a small boat in a body of water

Unfortunately we have had to suspend our flight operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In line with the Prime Ministers advice as to the time of the pandemic and his recommendations, we are suspending our flight operations until 31 August.  This time frame is subject to review and if we can recommence operating sooner, we will.

Our admin staff are working from home and will be available to help you until further notice with the planning of any future hot air ballooning adventure.

As a small tourism business we hope that, if you have the means, you will be able to support us and many other tourism, travel and hospitality businesses through this time by postponing rather than cancelling your travel plans altogether.

If you have any concerns about the validity of your ticket or voucher, we will be extending tickets and vouchers to ensure you can enjoy your flight once this situation is resolved and we are flying again.

Most importantly, we are not going anywhere and will be back flying over Canberra.