Everyone meets in the foyer of The Hyatt Hotel about half an hour before sunrise. (You will be advised of the meeting time when you book your flight.) This is when the air is stable and the winds are calm, ensuring a tranquil flight. After a short flight briefing, you will be transported to a launch site where we inflate the balloon.  The most appropriate launch site will be chosen by your pilot on the morning.  You are welcome to help with the inflation, or stand back and take photographs.

What to Wear

We advise that you wear comfortable clothing (in layers), and footwear that will allow your feet to remain warm and dry.

Launching the Balloon

The actual launch of the hot-air balloon usually takes no more than half an hour after arrival at the launch site. The balloon and basket are carried in a trailer.

The basket is laid on it’s side and the balloon envelope is pulled out of it’s bag. Flying wires from the ‘envelope’ are attached to the basket and the whole system is given a ‘walk around’ inspection by the pilot.

The balloon is inflated and the passengers get in. The balloon lifts off the ground effortlessly and the wonderful experience begins.

At the final landing point, the retrieve crew assist in packing up the envelope and basket, and then everyone returns to The Hyatt Hotel for a traditional champagne celebration. A commemorative´Flight Certificate´ is given to each passenger, which rounds off a fabulous morning.

From start to finish, the balloon adventure takes about 3 hours, and the experience is terrific dinner conversation for the rest of your life!!!

An optional full buffet breakfast at the Hyatt is available after the flight.  Please allow an extra hour if you decide to stay for breakfast.

The Weather

One of the great joys of ballooning is its tranquillity as you float with the breeze, feeling absolutely no sensation of movement. You have become one with the wind… you are moving with it… and therefore you have become a part of a complex weather system that is ever changing.

Balloon flights are weather dependent, and for safety reasons, we will not fly when it is wet, foggy or too windy. On the morning of your flight we request you to ring the Balloon Aloft weather check number (6249 8660) an hour before the nominated meeting time to check if the weather is suitable for flying.

If the flight is cancelled due to inclement weather, you may rebook to another day (and in another location if need be) or, you can request a refund of your money. Gift certificates are only refundable within 30 days of purchase.  See our conditions of booking for further information.